Application and usage

Silicon Rating is a new technology breakthrough which makes it possible to extract precise timing measurements over an entire die, and to give a comprehensive report of the performance degradation and aging effects of the device.

In a screening process, this tool reveals spatial, on-die, variability statistics which can be correlated with the actual application in order to determine the initial product margin. If this process is then repeated during the operation life of the circuit, it becomes a means to measure aging evolution, and to anticipate maintenance action.

Precise timing measurements can be used to extract internal rising and falling propagation delays to discriminate between N-MOS and P-MOS characteristics.

Our Silicon Rating technology covers a wide range of applications:

  • Electronic device qualification and optimization
  • Electronic device performance analysis over time
  • Electronic device maintenance

The whole process is directly usable on any system which has a standard JTAG connector.

The application software runs on a PC. The PC can be connected locally to the interface box through 480Mb/s USB 2.0, or remotely through media such as internet or Wi-Fi, by integrating the interface in the board which supports the device and provides this type of data access.