Business model

Our eFPGA IP is available in the form of standard silicon proven hard macros easy to integrate on to SoCs. We provide support and all required environment that simplifies the process of integration and productization.

Our standard eFPGA IP is available on a per use basis with upfront license fee without royalties. The license fee also gives access to all our software environment NanoXmap. NanoXmap provides a complete tool suite to map your Verilog or VHDL application to our eFPGA cores.

We also offer a very flexible approach for specific customization requests to our existing eFPGA IP. We can offer bigger logic capacity block, embed user specific functions within the fabric and port our existing technology to any foundry and node. Our customization approach aims at guarantying product success and required functions in a defined timeframe.

NanoXplore has developed a scalable eFPGA architecture and an efficient implementation methodology based on proprietary layout generation and verification tools to realize higher LUT capacity in order to address specific user demands. Through this custom program, NanoXplore can deliver up to 750K LUT fabrics with embedded DP-RAM, DSP or any user specific function, on the most advanced technology nodes such as 28nm.