NX-eFPGA is a family of SRAM based programmable logic blocks implemented with 4 inputs LUT and DFF fabric. Build on state-of-the-art, high routing flexibility, high density, low power programmable interconnect network, NX-eFPGA offers an innovative and unparalleled solution to introduce hardware flexibility in future ASIC and SOC in a cost effective way. On advanced node, the area expansion is very limited and in many pad limited applications, die area can well be constant.

NX-eFPGA blocks are programmed with our in house mapping software (NanoXmap) performing all required steps to transform a synthesizable RTL description into a bit stream downloadable in the NX-eFPGA through various hardware interfaces. The mapping process is built on advanced proprietary algorithms optimized for the architecture and capable of handling complex routing structures as well as LUT utilization greater than 90%.

Flexibility is a constant concern for all logic products. Traditionally, MCU and RAM provided system level flexibility. Now, NanoXplore can provide the missing link to bring this essential capability directly in your logic functions. NanoXplore breaks the technical and economic barriers to adding hardware flexibility to your SoC or ASSP.